The library is temporarily closed

Reopening July 31, 2020

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, things have changed. Books are now available for pick-up.

Call the library at 705-282-2221 or email and tell us what you would like to borrow. If you’re not sure, we can put together a genre based bag of books.

Once you’ve placed your order the librarian will gather the material, place it in a bag with your name and a book list attached. We will let you know when you can pick it up, this is usually the same day. Please go to the back door of the library, the one facing the community hall and knock. We will then place your items outside for you to pick up. Please follow the social distancing rules.

For returns, drop them into the drop box and we will quarantine them for 72 hours and then they can go back into circulation.

Hours for pick-up are Tuesday to Saturday 10-12 & 2-4.

The library is closed Sunday and Monday

Check out the “Browse the Collection” page. Things will be changing regularly, so keep checking.

Returning Material

As the Library remains closed to the public, all items must be returned through the book drop, which is accessible 24/7.


Curbside pick-up, staffing, phone hours, and other services may change at any time due to changed in the local or provincial situation. Updates will be posted on our website, and social media platforms as developments occur.

Returned materials will be cleaned and quarantined for at least 72 hours before being placed back into the lending collection.  Although we strive to sanitize and practice safe handling of materials, The Gore Bay Union Public Library cannot guarantee the sanitation of library items.  Please handle items with caution.

Patrons are advised to wash hands before and after handling library material, to avoid touching their face while reading, and to avoid sneezing or coughing on library material, for their safety and the safety of the public.

Patrons who are immunosuppressed or otherwise at a high risk of COVID-19 infection should not take out material from the Library at this time.

Boxes of books available

For a donation you can pick up a box of books at the library, unfortunately they are “take a box as it is”.

No picking through them, boxes will be a choice of fiction or nonfiction. No returning them to the library either. I’m trying to clean up some of the boxes here at the library.

Contact us at 705-282-2221 or